There's just something about it!

There's just something about the the beach, boating, lake house, waterfront, nautical lifestyle... wouldn't you agree?

It's inspiring, aspirational, cleansing, relaxing and so many other things!

Why Anchors?

And then there's the iconic symbolism of an anchor.

Anchors exude strength, stability, style, and the essence of that waterborne lifestyle.

anchor on wooden ship

Meet - Anchor Haus

Take these two concepts and mash them together, and you've got a boatload of inspiration that has blossomed into Anchor Haus!

Whether you're adorning yourself for a beachfront vacation, or decorating your waterfront retreat, or something in between, we've got you anchored.

Anchor Haus is a carefully curated collection of anchor-inspired clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor.

Anchor Haus is always looking to expand, yet refine our collections.  Feel free to speak your mind, and let us know what you hate, or what you'd love to see in our lineup!